Major Settlements

Major Settlements of the Great Saltless Sea


Zenith City - City of 28,000. Head of the Duchy. Major metropolis that deals in ores, timbers and grain from the region, transporting some onwards to the saltless sea, and some further south by land. Contains temples of all 12 major gods, but primarily to Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus. 5 schools of magic – Divination, Enchantment, Conjuration, Abjuration, Evocation. Tower of the Sages. Thieves guild.

The Sleepless Isle – Land of the High Elves. Sorcery, slavery and decadence rule here. The High Elves here once controlled large portions of this inland sea, and still consider much of the area to be their territory. Chaos gods and demons are worshipped here. The harbor is protected by an artificially constructed maze, and most other parts of the island are unassailable due to tall cliffs. Primarily trades with the people of Crashing Cove.

Copper Harbor – Town of 8,000. Famous for a school of Illusion. Principle export is a fish-product much like Garum, with large industrial style ceramic vats devoted to producing it in the harbor, producing a copper colored byproduct that gives the town it’s name. Temple to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva present, along with shrines to most gods, and a secretive cult of Belial, the archdemon here. Ruled by a count from a nearby castle.

Crashing Cove – Large town of 7,000. Count rules this place from a nearby castle. Owes fealty to Zenith City. Northernmost port of any consequence. Trades with Sleepless Isle. Known for a school of necromancy (used to animate dead criminals to force them to serve wealthy families as zombie servants), and endemic piracy issues. Fishing, timber, and strange goods from the debauched elves of the Sleepless Isle make the main exports. Temple to Neptune, shrines to most other deities in the town square. Famous for a fruit called the Bright-leaf, so known for the best specimens coming from plants with exceptionally bright colored leaves.

Harborton- Large town of 9,000. Lives in the Shadow of Zenith City. Controlled by a mayor who is a direct vassal of the Duke of Zenith City. Famous for a school of transmutation. The mages here are heavily involved with one of the town’s primary industries, the creation of ornate silver masks to sell to members of the priesthood, royalty and powerful merchants. They use Dwarven silver from Mountain Iron to the north. The town is known as a pleasant rest away from the chaos and melange of Zenith City.

Major Settlements

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